About Us

The Imperfect Ideation Journey of Danyaki Art & Design. 

From natural environments to art studios, a passion is derived from the simplest elements to inspire a creative hybrid of art and design ideation for tastemakers across the globe. As owner of Danyaki Art & Design, I pride myself on creating “walking” masterpieces that stand out in the crowd.

My products are individually handcrafted using the ideation process coupled with an imperfect twist.  It is a creative process that captures every effect of the products I use and the methods I employ.  The various tints, shades, tones, washes, drips, spills, colors, cracks, abrasions, tatters, whiskers, rips, and scratches all serve to define the unique quality, aesthetic, and experience of my products.  In many ways, these “perfect imperfections” also reflect the natural beauty of my early childhood environments.

Danyaki ideation pieces challenge the human eye to question the depth of artistic shape, form, and space through an innovative combination of colors and creations that optimize a tastemaker’s style while pleasing the soul.  

Danyaki clothing is worn by a community of tastemakers who present a new social currency; they question rules and they challenge the status quo.  While some may view them as outcasts, misfits, rebels, or troublemakers, I view them as “The Tastemakers.”  Like artists, they visualize the world in abstractions; like designers, they think innovatively and represent new ideas with confidence and creativity.  Although they may be misunderstood, they cannot be ignored.